Short fiction




“Party Time” is a comedy about a modern family with divorced parents, a bossy grandmother and a kid whose birthday party is at stake.


Risto (10) waits impatiently for his birthday party. The party takes place at his grandparents’ cottage and all members of Risto’s modern family are invited. All ingredients are there – a beautiful sunny day, a tree house which is almost finished and a strawberry cream cake. As the party planning progresses the tension between the adults grows. The bossy grandmother, the competition between the men and the introduction of dad’s new girlfriend slowly overshadow Risto’s birthday celebration. Even more so, when the gap between generations, prejudices and unresolved issues keep growing. Is it party time yet?


Genre: comedy
Shooting format: 4K
Duration: 9 min.
Production year: 2015
Country of production : Suomi

In collaboration with: City of Oulu, The North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund, Valofirma and Tarmon lähikauppa.

Festivals: Helsinki Short Film Festival, Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival

Actors: Marja Packalén, Eeva Soivio, Raimo Grönberg, Saara Kotkaniemi, Marc Gassot, Rami Rusinen, Elias Koistinen, Helka Vesterinen
Director: Jenni Kangasniemi
Screenwriter: Minna Panjanen
Cinematographer: Jonatan Sundström
Production Designer: Antti Nikkinen
Costume Designer: Roosa Marttiini
Editor: Jussi Hellsten
Sound Designers: Ville Katajala, Jorma Kaulanen
Composer: Juho Nurmela
Maskeeraus: Riikka Voutilainen
Tuottaja: Mete Sasioglu