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A Somali man’s car starts to disappear mysteriously at night. When he decides to catch the thief, things take an unexpected turn.



The Night Thief is a warmhearted drama set in the suburbs of Helsinki, Finland. It tells the story of a Somali man, Farah, whose car starts to disappear mysteriously at night.

Although the car always shows up in the morning, Farah starts to run late from work, and fears that he could lose his job. Farah’s wife is moving to Finland from Somalia and if Farah were to get fired, his wife’s residency permit would be in danger. Due to the circumstances, Farah decides to do whatever it takes to catch the thief. In the end, things take an unexpected turn when Farah finally faces the person who has been stealing his car.


Genre: drama-comedy
Shooting format: 4K
Duration: 15 min.
Languages: Finnish, Somali
Production year: 2017
Production country: Suomi

Distributor (Finland): YLE

Partners: Angel Films, Ruoto Catering, Omenahotels

Festivals: Göteborg Film Festival, Tampereen Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival, Aguilar de Campoo Film Festival, Blue Sea Film Festival

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Main actors: Fuaad Amin, Aaliya Mustafa, Kaye Dulla, Elina Knihtilä, Joonas Saartamo, Saara Kotkaniemi
Director and Screenwriter: Khadar Ahmed
Cinematographer: Arttu Peltomaa
Production Designer: Aki Tarkka
Costume Designer: Anu Gould
Editor: Dimitri Okulov
Sound Designer: Mikko Roisko
Composer: Totte Rautiainen
Make Up Designer: Elisa Koivuniemi
Producer: Mete Sasioglu